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Cushion Pillow Massager
Sandesh Lodwal
Very Good to use

Loved the product. Easy to useee it .

Stopped working

Stopped working didn’t even work for 2 monts

Item Broken. Poor Quality.

The Facial Hair Trimmer broke without use.
The quality of the heads could be improved.
The trimming is not precise. It doesn’t give a fine finish after use.
Possibility that a used product has been delivered.

Head Massager
Shamsher Alam
Awesome experiences

Good product for relaxing mind.

Awesome Product!!

Very good product in this segment, very useful and handy without a bias for adults & kids.

Awesome product, loved it.

Gives a good amount of steam for about 15 minutes at a time. I've also used this as a humidifier for my room using rose aroma oil. Wonderful!

Electric Hot Water Bag
Abhiram Bandaru
Caresmith eon heat bag

The heating bag is very useful

Rechargeable Toothbrush
venkat sampath
"Efficient and Effective: My Experience with an Exceptional Electric Toothbrush

I bought this electric toothbrush hoping for an effective and long-lasting oral care solution. The vibrations are strong enough to thoroughly clean my teeth without being too hard on my gums. The built-in timer assists me in brushing for the prescribed two minutes, and the various brushing modes meet my individual demands. Furthermore, the battery life is exceptional, lasting me more than a week on a single charge. Overall, I'm quite pleased with my electric toothbrush and can immediately tell a change in the cleanliness of my teeth.


The first electric toothbrush I tried was a game-changer in my dental routine. Its powerful yet gentle cleaning action effectively removed plaque, giving me a professional clean feel. The built-in timer and brushing modes ensured I brushed for the recommended time and applied the right amount of pressure. I loved the different brush heads for specific needs and the long-lasting battery life.its also affordable , the benefits makes it a worthwhile investment. Try it for a revolutionized dental hygiene routine.

Stopped working after 3 years, fair enough!

I never thought I would review something positively after it stopped working. I bought this in September 2020, and since then I have been changing its brush heads in a couple of months. On everyday usage I got 1.5+ months of battery life. The built quality is good. It has stopped working now and I am reviewing it because i bought a new one today. I am happy to see more colors now. It only had white back then. Black looks premium and attractive. Go for it. I wish they changed the charging to type c but since they give cable in the box, there is problem. They also included a little bristles protector.

Rechargeable Toothbrush
Sakshant Ghugulkar
Good Brush at a Good price

It's a good Brush. In 2 mins it makes your teeth as clean as you would get of you brush them normally for like 5-10 minutes. It would take 1-2 days to learn how to use it efficiently in 2 mins. You can use it more than 2 mins but there is a safety timer for 2 mins. And I never over brush now and save a few more minutes for skin care or shaving. It will not make your teeth go white like happident but it will surely keep them clean af!

Rechargeable Toothbrush
Nikita Deopura
Great value for money

I've been using the Caresmith Spark Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for about 1.5 years now, and I'm really impressed with it. It's a great value for the money, and it has a number of features that are typically found in more expensive models.I've found that Caresmith Spark does a great job of cleaning my teeth. I feel like my teeth are cleaner and fresher after using them than they were when I was using a manual toothbrush. I also like that the toothbrush has a timer that helps me to brush for the recommended two minutes.This product is highly recommended.

An Electrifying Dental Companion

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing the Caresmith Electric Toothbrush, and I must say, it has revolutionized my dental care routine. As someone who values oral hygiene, I am thrilled to share my positive experience with this incredible toothbrush.From the moment I unboxed it, I could tell that Caresmith had put a great deal of thought into the design and functionality of their product. The sleek and ergonomic handle fits comfortably in my hand, making it effortless to maneuver. The build quality is impressive, with a durable construction that promises long-lasting use.One of the standout features of this toothbrush is the powerful oscillating technology it employs. The brush head oscillates at an optimal speed, providing a thorough and efficient clean with minimal effort on my part. The bristles are not only gentle on my gums but also adept at removing plaque and stains, leaving my teeth feeling noticeably cleaner and smoother.What truly sets the Caresmith Electric Toothbrush apart is its smart features. The built-in timer ensures that I brush for the dentist-recommended two minutes, evenly dividing the time for each quadrant of my mouth. This has helped me establish a consistent routine and guarantees that I give equal attention to all areas.The toothbrush also features multiple brushing modes to cater to individual needs. Whether I want a gentle clean or a more intense polishing, I can easily switch between modes with a press of a button. Additionally, the battery life is exceptional, lasting for several weeks on a single charge, which is fantastic for travel or forgetful moments.

Good product

Good product, does its job, strong motor, with good teeth cleaning

Its a very good product

I have been using this for 9 months and its a very good product. Infact the warranty service is pretty good and quite active.

Rechargeable Toothbrush
Ashima Talreja
Decent Purchase according to price

Good Product for entry level Electric toothbrush.Definitely not going to last for long, but customer care is good. provide a quick solution. As i was facing some issue with brush after 6-7 month of purchase.

Rechargeable Toothbrush
saikat chakraborty
Good product with few improvements needes

I think product is good only needs some improvement in charging port and light. One of the light was not working in few month of usage. Alzo charging port opening is difficult.

Deep cleaning master

Has 6 operational modes to suit your comfort and needs. Charge it once a month to brush twice a day. A must buy product

Rechargeable Toothbrush
Amazon Customer
Does work very well

It works as expected.

Stopped working after 4 months and replaced promptly by company

Product had a 1 year warranty but it stopped working in 4 months. The product was replaced promptly by company which has been working fine since 2 months.

Rechargeable Toothbrush
Rajarshi Mitra
Unfortunately, a Garbage product

Sonic toothbrushes are gaining popularity and this Sonicare brush in my opinion provided better cleaning than my OralB rotating head brush. Turned out to be a garbage product though. It stopped charging after one month of use. Tired to understand why but could not. There was no water accumulation in the charging port. Eventually understood what happens if one buys newby garbage products

Rechargeable Toothbrush
yeshwanth krishnamoorthy
Fantastic product

I'm writing this after a week of using it twice daily. Simply to say This product is really Amazing. You can charge it with Micro-usb cable and it takes 1 hour to get charged from 0-100%. I started finding notable changes from day 2 itself. 2 minutes of brushing and it won't make you feel long enough. Just like that 2 mins goes and your teeth is ready for the day. Worth for the money.

Best electric toothbrush ever...

This is my first time with an electric toothbrush and I'm so happy with my choice. This toothbrush is easy to use and it's battery life last 20 days on a single 4 hour charge. It's features like sonic technology (30000 strokes/min); 30 secs interval pause reminder; 6 modes for dynamic cleaning And IPX7 waterproof build make it better than other products. And it's not much expensive too. Complete value for money purchase. Thank you Caresmith.

Excellent Product

Sonic vibration are excellent to remove plague and food particles in between the teeth. It will definitely more efficient than manual brushing. Packaging was good and on time delivery. Thanks to Amazon....